15 Jul 2016


When you are asking yourself “Why are we doing a redesign?” you are already on the right track. Your website redesign should not be about implementing new design trends, but rather how your organization can leverage a new site to meet goals and objectives.

Do you want more views, more leads, more interaction? How can you use the site to meet goals and how will you be able to keep track of how successful your site is at meeting these goals after launch? All of these are important considerations. With all the time and resources going into a website redesign, you need to have a solid business case first.

When it comes to a website redesign, a lot of time and dedication goes into the process. That’s why the beginning stages of your website redesign are so crucial to the success of your redesign and site long-term. Many teams might want to dive right into it, but strategy and goals need to be established first.

07 Jan 2015

How to verify coding standards in WordPress -PHP

When WordPress was developed, right from the start, Matt Mullenweg, the chief programmer and soon to be CEO of Automattic, the company behind WordPress, enforced a long list of rules regarding the code writing that every core contributor have to comply to. Those rules defines how the code should appear. Here is the full list of PHP code standards:

Coding standards have immense importance in developing for WordPress and everyone can implement those when developing for WordPress. It does not matter if you are writing customized plugin for your customer or child theme.

But first let us discuss about coding standards. Why should we use standards? Basically, the code should work, right? Why does anyone should care if there is only single space between the condition clauses or if the some documentation remark should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop?

Coding standards are very common in almost every framework and system. Code that is written by well-defined rules have huge advantages over code that it isn’t.

Read more at hostadvice.

07 Jan 2015

Convert a web page to a WordPress Theme in 5 minutes.

Everything you need is in the roll-your-own-theme.zip file.

WordPress blogs are getting to be like Pop Music – same words, same music, same beat, different song. They are variations on a single theme and that theme is the WordPress default. A certain sameness creeps into WordPress sites so that “Yet another WordPress Site” becomes the norm and not just a default setting on the admin panel.

Most web designers can pull off interesting stuff, but because creating a new theme is usually based on hacking the default theme, they are limited in what they can attempt. I’ve been converting a good number of blogs from static pages or blogger.com templates using the default theme hacks. This is time consuming and means that I spend most of my time fitting style into rigid constraints. I wind up castrating a client’s design to shoehorn things into the limiting container of the default theme.

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