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The Money Tree EA free download

One of the best Forex expert advisors of this year is The money tree ea. Free download link you will find at the bottom of this page. This is a hacked robot with premium profitability! Also, we will review this Expert Advisor and identify its strengths and weaknesses. So let’s start our review.

Money Tree EA free download

The money tree ea myfxbook review

So, the first resource that will tell the whole truth about the trading robot is the MyFxbook service. We have found money tree ea monitoring on this service and now we can analyze the dynamics of this Expert Advisor and find its strengths and weaknesses. The first thing we see is monitoring with a large percentage of growth (more than 4700%), which is carried out on a large deposit (47 000$). The developer trusts his Forex software, which means that the user can trust him.
The money tree ea myfxbook monitoring:

money tree ea cracked

As you can see, this Forex Expert Advisor has been working since the beginning of 2022 and in just 11 months it earned 4500% profit (in monetary terms, this is 5464356435). Not bad. More specifically, this is very impressive and gives us hope to get the same results on a real account. However, let’s go ahead and see how it works.
So, this adviser works around the clock. The money tree ea download Expert Advisor in the corresponding MyFxbook tab shows the work around the clock:

money tree ea download

As for statistics, this is a multi-currency robot. The money tree ea cracked works on many currency pairs. You can see their list in the picture below:

However, please note that the number of trades on each currency pair is very small. We see that during the year money tree ea free download made only 5 to 40 trades on each currency pair. This is very little. However, these transactions are very accurate. General statistics show that the money tree expert advisor works with a profit factor of 4.80. At the same time, there is another indicator that shows Average Win: 10.85 pips / Average Loss: -45.26 pips. That is, the average level of risk is 4 times greater than the average level of profitability. This is bad.

The average time of holding transactions in the market is about 1-4 hours. The Expert Advisor works on the quotes chart with the M1 timeframe, and this explains such a short holding time.
Of course – money tree ea free download is a scalper advisor. It can only be used on accounts with a narrow spread. And if you don’t know which broker you should choose for trading, then use the RAW SPREAD accounts of the ICMarkets broker.

The best broker for trading


The money tree trading strategy ea free download

The money tree ea cracked Expert Advisor uses a trend reversal trading strategy. At the same time, he uses the tactics of martingale and averaging. This is a dangerous strategy. Also, it does not use Stop Loss. And it’s even more dangerous! However, more than 80% of profitable Forex Expert Advisors use dangerous strategies. And if you want to make money in the financial market, then you need to learn how to risk your capital!
The profitability of money tree ea cracked is ensured by factors such as:

  • High accuracy of deals
  • Using martingale
  • Using averaging
  • Works without Stop Loss
  • Works on many different currency pairs.

The money tree EA terms of use

  • Minimum leverage from 1:100 and above
  • Account type for trading – narrow spread
  • Recommended broker for trading ICMarkets
  • Currency pairs to trade – listed above
  • The minimum capital to start is $1000
  • Timeframe for trading – М1
Money Tree EA free download

Our opinion on money tree ea free download

As for our opinion, it is more positive than negative. We see that the developer is using this EA on an account with a huge amount of capital. So the developer trusts the software and we can also trust him. As for the dangerous strategy, according to which money tree ea cracked works, as we said above, dangerous strategies are now used by more than 80% of profitable Expert Advisors. So, we have almost no choice.
To ensure the safety of your capital, you need to withdraw all profits from your account after the money tree expert advisor makes the first 100% growth. In this way, you will withdraw all the funds of your initial investment and will continue to receive only profit.

The money tree EA free download

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How to install and use QUIKER EA

Installing QUIKER EA in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform

So, after you have bought this trading robot, we will send it to your Email. Download the QUIKER EA file to your PC.

After that, go to your MetaTrader 4 platform and find the “File” menu in the upper left corner of your platform. Select “Open data folder” from this drop-down menu. Click this menu item and the root directory of the MetaTrader platform will open.

Open the MQL4 folder and find the “Experts” folder inside it. 

You need to copy the QUIKER EA file to the “Experts” folder:

After that, close the MT4 platform and turn it back on. That is, in simple words, you need to restart your MT4 platform. This must be done in order for the QUIKER expert file to be initialized in the internal directory of your platform and become available in its menu for selection and use.

Installing QUIKER EA on the quotes chart

Open quote windows for the following currency pairs:


Thus, 8 different (listed above) windows of currency pairs should be opened on your platform at once. After that: 

  1. Set the M5 timeframe for each quote window,
  2. Click on the “Autotrading” button:

Set links to news sites in the MetaTrader 4 platform settings. To do this, click on the “Tools” drop-down menu of your platform and select the “Options” item:

In the “Expert Advisor” tab, check the box for allowing Web requests. After that, add 4 different web addresses to the empty field below:

ATTENTION!!!! If you do not insert these WEB addresses in the platform settings, then the QUIKER EA will not work!!!!

All these 4 web addresses must be entered in turn in the settings columns. You should get it like this:

Open the “Nafigator” tab and in the “Experts” section find QUIKER EA. Drag it onto each chart of currency pair quotes that you have previously opened (from the list above):

After you drag QUIKER EA onto the quotes chart, the manual settings of this Expert Advisor will open. you don’t need to change anything yourself. The only function you need to set correctly is the risk size (by default, the EA uses the function of automatic calculation of the risk size at the level of 2% of the maximum DD).
To set up the automatic money management function, you need to double-click on the variable and select the risk size that suits you best from the drop-down menu.
You can choose between:

  • low risk (on each trade you risk 0.5% of your deposit),
  • medium risk (on each trade you risk 2% of your deposit)
  • high risk (on each trade you risk 5% of your deposit)

Of course, the higher the risk, the higher the profitability of the trading robot. Each trader’s perception of risk is an individual concept. Start using QUIKER EA with minimal risk, and when you are convinced that this Expert Advisor really trades accurately and safely, set the risk size that will be optimal for You.

If you want to use QUIKER EA to challenge FTMO or another Prop Firm, set the maximum risk size of 2% for each asset in this way. Thus, you will not exceed 5% of the daily trading drawdown, as well as other rules and restrictions.

Also, you can set a different risk percentage manually. To do this, set the “Lot-sizing method” variable to “Lots based on Max Risk per Trade” and set the number of risk percentage you want to use in each trade:

Recommended settings:

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Hidden EA free Download

This robot is sold on the Internet for $500, but on our website you can download it for free! Hidden EA free Download link is located at the bottom of the page. Now we will take a closer look at this Forex scalper. We will identify its strengths and weaknesses and give recommendations that will be useful for its further use. So let’s go!

EA Hidden review

It is difficult to find in our time a trading bot that will use the classic rules of money management. EA Hidden Forex Scalper is also not a safe trading bot. It does not use Stop Loss protection for each order, but makes orders according to the grid system with the addition of martingale. In simple words, EA HIDDEN uses dangerous money management, so even if you get a good profit during the first few months of using it, you still need to be extra careful and constantly withdraw the profit from your trading account. This way you keep your initial investment. We will return to this issue below.
So, the Hidden EA profitability chart looks like this:

As you can see, this scalper has a clearly defined growth trend in deposit percentages and a small trading drawdown. He was able to earn a 100% profit with a maximum drawdown of around 20%. This is quite an adequate indicator of the profit/risk ratio. But let’s not forget that Hidden EA free Download uses dangerous money management and the maximum drawdown can increase at any moment.
Hidden EA trading strategy is all about scalping market trends. It identifies new waves of trend growth and makes trades in the direction of the future price movement. If quotes move in the wrong direction, EA Hidden Forex Scalper adds new trades to average out the value of the asset. In order to get out of a trading drawdown faster, this trading bot uses martingale. That is, it increases the size of the trading lot for each new transaction. A dangerous system, but it brings a lot of profit. Everyone knows that a trader must always choose – either a lot of profits and big risks or small trading risks, but also small profits. It doesn’t happen otherwise!

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Based on the above, the first condition for using the Hidden Scalping bot is a large leverage of 1:500, which should provide the robot with the opportunity to manage a large margin of your account.
Of course, you need to understand that EA Hidden is a scalper. His trading goals are small – from 5 to 20 points, and the average time to hold trades in the market is only a few hours.
As you can see in the screenshot below, this is a multi-currency scalper that trades on a large number of assets at the same time. Such a system will help you diversify risks as much as possible and smooth out the line of the profitability chart:

How to use Hidden EA free Download correctly?

  • To scalp effectively in the Forex market, you need an account with a narrow spread. For example RAW Spread account from ICMarkets broker.
  • Leverage must be at least 1:500 – this will allow your trading bot to work with a minimum drawdown.
  • Timeframe for installing EA Hidden Forex Scalper – M5
  • The HIDDEN Expert Advisor works around the clock, so the best solution is to rent a Forex VPS (remote desktop) where you can host this scalper and ensure it runs smoothly and turn off your home computer.
  • Minimum deposit to start: 1000$

Our opinion on Forex expert advisor Hidden

This is a stable trading bot whose author uses it on a $146,000 account. This means that this trader trusts his scalper and this allows us to start trusting him too! Follow all the terms of use listed above and Hidden EA free Download will bring you daily income with adequately low risks. We recommend using EA Hidden Forex Scalper with a deposit of no more than 10% of your total funds. And of course – start using this bot on a DEMO account. It will be safe and interesting testing! Good luck!

Hidden EA free Download

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Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download

An incomprehensible name and incomprehensible monitoring on MyFxbook is the first impression of Dead Zone Scalper EA, which you can download for free on our website. Let’s make a review of EA Dead Zone Scalper in order to properly understand how this software can be useful for you and whether this Forex robot can make a profit.

Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download

EA Dead Zone Scalper review

So, the first thing we did was to find the Dead Zone Scalper Myfxbook monitoring, on which this Expert Advisor shows very incomprehensible trading dynamics. For two years it worked smoothly and with a small trading drawdown, and then it began to show aggressive up and down jumps:

Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download

According to the descriptions of the developer of this Forex trading software, Dead Zone Scalper EA only works on the EURUSD currency pair. Timeframe for trading, you can choose M1 or M5 or M15. In general, the choice of timeframe does not particularly affect the trading results of an Expert Advisor.
At the same time, according to Dead Zone Scalper Myfxbook monitoring, we can see that this Expert Advisor works around the clock:

The round-the-clock work of an adviser is not an indicator of its effectiveness. There are many examples where trading bots that work only 2-3 hours a day (for example, THE ROCKET EA) can bring in significantly more income than Expert Advisors that work around the clock.
Also, we see that the author of the Forex bot Dead Zone Scalper tried to use this robot on many other assets. Although in fact it can be seen that this robot brings real stable profitability only on EURUSD:

EA Dead Zone Scalper review

But the most important thing that speaks about the more or less security of this trading bot is the absence of dangerous money management algorithms (grid or martingale) in it. This bot uses Stop Loss orders, which will protect you from big losses as much as possible! It will be very valuable and useful for you if you decide to use Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download.
This is what this trading bot shows in the strategy tester of the MetaTrader4 platform:

Forex bot Dead Zone Scalper

How to Use Dead Zone Scalper Properly EA FREE Download

  • For scalping, you need a trading account with an ultra-narrow spread. You can find this type of account with ICMarkets broker (RAW spread account type).
  • Leverage is suitable from 1:100 and above
  • Asset for trading EURUSD
  • Timeframe for trading – М15
  • MetaTrader 4 trading platform – you can find such a platform on the website of any forex broker (this is the most popular trading platform).
  • The minimum capital to start trading is $200.
  • Considering that trading is carried out around the clock, you need to rent a VPS server where you can host your MT4 platform remotely and provide the adviser with the ability to trade uninterruptedly around the clock.

If you fulfill all of the above conditions, then Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download will bring you about the same profit as on monitoring. That is, to steadily increase the size of your deposit without a large trading drawdown.

The best broker for trading


Our opinion on Dead Zone Scalper EA

Of course, you can find much better Forex trading experts. Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download is not ideal. However, the point of creating a trading portfolio (which contains 5-10 different Expert Advisors) is to collect stable profitable bots and diversify trading results as much as possible. In this case, if one expert receives losses, then all the others cover them and you still (in most cases) get a profit.
Of course, if you follow the Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download link, then first install this expert on a demo account. The minimum testing period is 2 months. Do not worry and do not be afraid to lose time for tests. It is better to spend a couple of months for testing than to kill your trading account within 1-2 days! You yourself understand this, although not everyone follows this rule.
So, take Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download and test this bot. Most likely it will be a good addition to your trading portfolio!

Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download

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This trading robot can give more than 1000% increase in your deposit! YETTI EA is a multi-currency trading bot, which you can download at the bottom of the page and here you can read about all its advantages and disadvantages. So, this is a dangerous trading robot, but at the same time it is a very profitable trading robot, and it can start making you profit today!

EA YETTI review

So, this bot trades in the direction of the main trend, uses a grid and a martingale. Many will say that this is a dangerous method of trading and can destroy your trading account… we will not argue with that. Yes, of course it’s dangerous. But at the same time it is profitable! Here are the results YETTI V3 EA shows on MyFxbook open monitorings:

As you can see, we see really cool profitability charts, on which YETTI Expert Advisor brings a lot of profit. Pay attention, on one of these monitoring MyFxbook YETTI Expert Advisor has a very large trading drawdown. However, even with such a drawdown, this bot brought more than 1000% profit. That is, of course, it is dangerous. At the same time, his trading can bring you profit. That is, with the correct use of YETTI V3 EA, you can make good money and almost without the risk of losing your money.

The best broker for trading


Let’s go further and see what assets this automated Expert Advisor trades on. We open the corresponding MyFxbook tab, which is EURUSD and XAUUSD. That is, these are two trend pairs:

Such trading brings the trader about 40% of profit per month. Accordingly, in just 1 year you can increase your account size by 1000%!
The average time of holding transactions in the market is 2-4 hours. Thus, from the moment YETTI EA FREE Download makes a deal to the moment that deal closes, it only takes a few hours. This type of trading cannot be called high-frequency, but it can certainly be called scalping. Therefore, to use YETTI V3 EA, you need an account with a narrow spread so that the EA can effectively scalp trend movements on the EURUSD and XAUUSD currency pairs on which it works.
However, let’s not forget that the YETTI Expert Advisor (grid + martingale) trading strategy is very dangerous. At any moment, this robot can stumble and fall and drag money from your account with it. Therefore, in order to use YETTI EA FREE Download with minimal risks, you need to constantly follow one simple rule: as soon as the size of your deposit increases by 100%, immediately withdraw half of the money from your account. As you understand, first you will return your investment, and then you will withdraw the net profit. All this will help to keep your capital from loss and make great money.

How to Use YETTI EA FREE Download Properly

  • To trade, you need an account with a narrow spread. This can be a RAW account from ICMarkets or another broker that provides you with a minimum spread.
  • You need 1:500 leverage to provide the robot with enough free margin.
    Minimum deposit for trading 1000$
  • Currency pairs for trading: EURUSD, XAUUSD. You can also try using an adviser on currency pairs: GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, XAGUSD.
  • Of course – start testing YETTI Expert Advisor on a demo account, so as not to crap yourself at the start. First, find out how this bot works and what profit it can give and what kind of trading drawdown awaits you, and only after that (you must read at least 1 month of testing), you can switch to a real account with real money.

Our opinion on YETTI V3 EA

Of course, if you are afraid to trade using aggressive methods and you are not interested in big profits, then you can pass by. However, if you can control yourself and know how to keep your nerves in a fist and you need a big profit, then choose YETTI EA, which in just a few months will be able to double your deposit and then bring a large net profit. We remind you once again that you need to constantly withdraw profits from your account and, of course, start testing on a demo. We wish you good luck!


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