AUDNZD Otaku EA review

Probably, this is one of the worthy robots for expanding the trading portfolio – AUDNZD Otaku EA. He is able to work with a leverage of 1:1 or more, does not use dangerous trading methods (martingale, gridding techniques or hedging). There are many advantages and some disadvantages in this Forex bot. We have prepared for you the EA Otaku Review, thanks to which you will be able to make a decision whether you need this Forex software or not. So let’s get started!


AUDNZD Otaku EA Trading Strategy

This trading bot belongs to scalpers and trades only on one AUDNZD currency pair, which is characterized by an almost constant flat. To be more precise, the Otaku Forex robot trades in a price channel and makes deals at the time of the rebound of quotations from the boundaries of this channel.
Here are the results that Otaku EA brings on a 1:1 leverage

AUDNZD Otaku EA FREE Download

Do not be confused by the small profitability of this adviser, because the leverage is very small. And if the owner of this robot had set a leverage of 1:500, then on the quotation chart we would now see a profit of about 200%, which this forex bot managed to earn in just 6 months. Recall that the adviser does not use martingale or grider techniques. So such results can be considered very, very worthy.


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Of course, scalping in the price channel during a flat cannot be carried out around the clock. Even on AUDNZD (on which Otaku Forex robot works) in the European and American sessions we can see a flat. Therefore, the developer of this software has installed a time filter and the trading bot only works from 18 to 22 hours (European time). Roughly speaking – from the beginning of the Asian session to the beginning of the market rollover. Classically, such a time interval is used in “Asian” Forex scalpers.


The timeframe for trading M5, on which the main number of indicators of this robot works. Although in addition, this Forex bot clarifies the direction of the trend, volatility on older timeframes, which is quite logical, since on M5 the adviser does not understand at all which way the trend will move.

The profit factor of such a trade is 1.38, which is very small, however, judging by the profitability chart of AUDNZD Otaku EA MyFxbook, this does not prevent this Expert Advisor from making a profit with a small drawdown.

Our recommendations regarding AUDNZD Otaku EA

Despite the advantages described above, there are also disadvantages that speak in favor of the fact that Otaku Forex robot does not need to be bought. Here is a list of all these factors:
The trading robot has monitoring on MyFxbook only on a demo account. This suggests that this forex bot cannot work on a real account. If I could, the developer would definitely do monitoring on a real account. Now tell me, why do you need a robot that can only work on a DEMO?
The AUDNZD currency pair, of course, floats beautifully and in theory a lot of channel strategies work on it, but in reality everything is completely different. There is a floating spread on this currency pair, which has a very large range of expansion-contraction. At the same time, the AUDNZD spread expands precisely at the price candlesticks at the borders of its volatility range. That is, exactly in those places where (according to the trading strategy) AUDNZD Otaku EA should make transactions. There are no such extensions on the demo account, so the Expert Advisor shows profitability on the demo, but you will not see profitability on the real one!
Perhaps if you choose the right broker for trading, use a high-speed VPS server, then this trading robot can bring you at least some profit. We will not claim that Otaku Forex robot is a concrete shit. At least you can test it on a small deposit.

The best broker for trading


However, we will not post EA Otaku Free on our website. This will violate the intellectual rights of the developer. Moreover, this forex bot can be potentially dangerous for your deposit! If you need the AUDNZD Otaku EA FREE Download link, then you can find it on the Internet.
If you decide to use AUDNZD Otaku EA FREE Download, then use it according to this algorithm:

  • Choose a good broker with a minimum spread on AUDNZD – we recommend using ICMarkets RAW accounts.
  • Use a leverage of 1:500 on an account size of $100.
  • Set a fixed lot size of 0.01 in the manual settings of AUDNZD Otaku EA (the minimum lot size of all possible).
  • Place the trading platform on which Otaku Forex robot will work on a high-speed VPS. Make sure that the VPS server is located close to the broker’s server (you need a ping of no more than 50 milliseconds).

Most likely, under such conditions, AUDNZD Otaku EA FREE Download will be able to bring you some profit.


ALPHA RARE FOREX bot – review

This is quite a good trading robot that shows excellent results not only on tests, but also on myFXbook monitoring. Meet ALPHA RARE FOREX BOT FREE Download! Let’s describe its trading strategy, technical characteristics and other important information about this FOREX BOT.



So, the ALPHA RARE FOREX robot strategy is scalping price impulses during a price reversal on a trend chart. The Expert Advisor uses several accurate technical indicators and analyzes a trading asset on several timeframes at once. Determines the global trend on H4, looks for confirmation of this trend on H1, waits for the quotes on M15 to make a correction against the direction of the global trend and determines the best level for trading on the M5 chart. As a result, the ADVISER makes a profit in more than 85% of cases.
Given that the most pronounced market trend is observed during the beginning of the American session (the second half of the European trading session), this robot is most active at this time.
Evaluate the profitability of this trading advisor yourself – FOREX BOT FREE Download shows such a profitability chart, from which any trader will immediately want to buy it:



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Technical characteristics of ALPHA FOREX robot

This Forex bot works exclusively on the M5 timeframe. That is, it is necessary to install it on this particular quotation chart. Although, as we wrote above, ALPHA RARE bot analyzes the dynamics of price movement on several timeframes at once.
To trade with this Forex bot, you can use assets such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, EURCAD, AUDCAD and XAUUSD (developers recommend using ALPHA RARE bot on these assets). Although, it is written on the website of the sale of this robot that the adviser can work on other currency pairs. In the screenshot below you can see what results this Forex bot achieves on the recommended currency pairs:


It is very strange, but contrary to the promises and recommendations of the developer that the Expert Advisor will work well on such currency pairs as EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPAUD, EURGBP, EURCAD, AUDCAD and XAUUSD, in reality, according to MyFX book monitoring, this Forex bot shows good performance only on XAUUSD. This suggests that the developer is not sincere or it is monitoring from another trading robot!

To use this robot, you will need a leverage of 1:100.
As indicated on the ALPHA RARE bot for Forex sale website, to start using this robot, you need to top up your trading account by only $ 100. And this confirms the promise that this Forex bot will not bring you a big drawdown. After all, he does not use dangerous money management methods and you do not need to have a large account to trade.
Bot for Forex ALPHA RARE does not use dangerous money management methods. Thus, if you are afraid of a martingale or a grid, then they do not apply in this Forex bot. And this is great, because otherwise, if you start using this Forex software, you may lose your money!
From the point of view of trading security, ALPHA RARE FOREX software uses a Stop Loss order for each trade. Also, the Expert Advisor sets Take Profit levels, which allow you to fix a profit at a distance that quotes reach in 85% of cases.
Of course, this scalping robot does not wait for quotes to travel a long distance. He scalps, which means he takes a small number of profit points. It doesn’t do this very often, but quite aptly (we wrote above that out of the total number of transactions ALPHA RARE FOREX bot makes a profit in 85% of cases).

We will not post a link to download ALPHA RARE FOREX BOT FREE Download on this page. Because it will violate the intellectual rights of the developer. Moreover, the cost of this robot is $ 500. This is not much, considering the profitability chart of this bot. You don’t need ALPHA RARE FOREX BOT FREE Download. Buy it on the developer’s website and make a profit using licensed software! We say this without advertising, but simply respecting the rights of the ALPHA RARE FOREX BOT developer.

Which broker is needed to use ALPHA RARE FOREX BOT

And now one of the most important factors is choosing the right broker so that your instance of ALPHA FOREX BOT gives you maximum profit and its trading results correspond to the monitoring of this bot, which is conducted on MyFXbook. So, in order for you to get maximum profitability, choose a brokerage company ICMarkets. This broker is a benchmark of high quality – it executes transactions instantly quickly, can offer you a leverage of 1:500 (this will be ideal for using ALPHA FOREX BOT for Forex) and most importantly will provide you with trading accounts with an ultra-narrow spread (this is extremely necessary for scalping!).


Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot

Due to frequent requests from our readers, we decided to review the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot and determine how profitable and safe it is to use. So, read the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper review on this page and decide for yourself how much you need this expert Advisor Forex.

Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot – description

So, Mathematic Algorithm Scalper is a trading bot, the creators of which promise customers a very high trading efficiency, a high frequency of transactions and a very high ROI. At the same time, the advertising of this Forex software emphasizes that Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot uses mathematical formulas on which several trading strategies of this EA are built.
According to the developer, this trading bot works on the M1 timeframe and is recommended to be used on the EURUSD currency pair. As we know, the M1 timeframe is a highly volatile timeframe (after all, every new candle appears on this timeframe every minute). At the same time, the EURUSD currency pair is a highly liquid currency pair and the most popular for trading. This currency pair has the lowest spread on the market and a slight price slippage. This provides Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot with fairly good trading conditions and a high trading frequency.
On the developer’s website, we see a test of this automated trading system (as you understand, this trading bot works completely automatically), where we see the profitability chart that Mathematic Algorithm Scalper showed during the test:

Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot

The cost of this Forex trading software is $1200 (this is a very high price for such a product), although you can also find Mathematic Algorithm Scalper free Download on the Internet. Our task is to make an overview and give you information on how effective and safe this Forex trading bot will be for you.


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Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot Strategy

Making Mathematic Algorithm Scalper review, we will definitely consider its trading strategy.
So, Mathematic Scalper uses mathematical algorithms, or to be more precise, the martingale formula, thanks to which it tries to cover the trading drawdown that occurs if the market goes in the wrong direction. And there is no need to think that this is a brilliant algorithm, because in reality there is not a single trading bot that can bring a lot of profit with the help of martingale without super-high risks. In simple words, the mathematical strategy used by Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot is a martingale and it is very, very, very dangerous. Although, it can be profitable for a while and please you with large percentages of profit.
High profitability (at least the profitability that the Mathematic Scalper showed during the test) is provided by three factors:

  1. High volatility on the M1 timeframe
  2. A small spread on the EURUSD currency pair, on which the scalper bot works mathematically.
  3. Market trends of the EURUSD currency pair (this currency pair is almost always in an up or down trend and very little flat).

Why is Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot very dangerous?

So, the M1 timeframe on which the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper works is a highly volatile timeframe, as we wrote above. At the same time, the EURUSD currency pair is quoted with a small spread (because it is the most popular currency pair in the Forex market with good liquidity). On the EURUSD currency pair, we observe a constant trend. That is, the quotes of this currency pair are constantly moving up or down.
With the help of technical indicators Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot finds the moment of reversal of the quotes of the currency pair in the direction of the main trend and concludes a deal with a small target (10-20 points). That is, he scalps quotes (pipses) and cuts a small number of profit points very often. Scalping a small amount of profit is difficult. However, there is always a small spread on the EURUSD currency pair and such scalping becomes possible.
If the quotes go in the wrong direction, the mathematic scalper bot makes another deal, the size of which is 1.5 – 2 or more times larger than the previous deal. Thus, the profit of a new trading position covers the losses that arose from the first deal and the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot waits for this to happen. When the total profit on all trades reaches a positive result, this mathematical scalper closes all trades and the trader makes a profit.
What happens if after the second deal (the size of which is larger than the previous one) will the quotes turn around again and the price will go in the opposite direction? In this case, Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot will make a third deal in a new direction, the size of which is larger than the second transaction. It turns out that this mathematical scalper will open new trading positions with more and more volume.

The outcome of such a mathematical trading strategy can develop in two directions:
If the quotes soon start moving in one direction without rollbacks, then the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper will finally close all trades with a total profit.
If the quotes continue to flat (continue to move with the same amplitude up and down), then the mathematical scalper will open a large number of orders, the volume of which will become critical for your trading account and you will lose all your money at once.
Of course, the first option of the outcome of events will be the most frequent and you will not lose all your money on the first day of using this Forex bot. However, there is no guarantee that after 3 months or six months or 1 year, the situation described in the second option will not happen and the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot will destroy your trading account and all previously earned money.

We think that such a mathematical strategy is very dangerous to use and you should avoid using such a mathematical scalper or other trading robots based on similar mathematical trading algorithms.

The best broker for trading


To protect our readers from the temptation to start using this Forex bot, we will not post the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper Download link. Because many users, despite the fact that this is a very dangerous trading robot, will still decide to try to use it on a real account and sooner or later will lose all their money. So, if you need a Mathematic Algorithm Scalper free bot, then look for it on the Internet. Perhaps you will find the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper code yourself. However, you fully assume the risks of capital loss!
If you still found Mathematic Algorithm Scalper free or bought this product from a developer, then we will give you some tips that should protect you from capital loss.

  1. Use a lot of leverage. This will provide your mathematical scalper with the opportunity to use large trading volumes and avoid forced closing of Margin Call deals.
  2. Withdraw profit every time Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot brings you 100% or 200% profit. This will help you save your earned capital. Thus, if you invest $ 1000 in mathematical scalper trading and withdraw $2000 profit from your trading account in 1-2 months, then even if sooner or later Mathematic Algorithm Scalper bot destroys your trading account, you will still be left with a profit!

Mathematic Algorithm Scalper

Review Mario Doo EA & free download

We present a new expert advisor with a profit percentage of more than 1000% in your trading portfolio – this is Mario Doo EA. Read the review of this Expert Advisor below. The link for Mario Doo EA free download is also located below. So, we begin our review and wish you excellent trading results!

Mario Doo EA free

Mario Doo EA review

  • For platform MT4
  • TimeFrame M15
  • Time for trading: around the clock
  • Strategy: Trend Grid
  • Leverage – 1:500 and higher
  • Recommended brokers: any Forex broker (for example – ICMarkets)
  • Minimum deposit to start: $10 000 or 100 for CENT account.

So, the Mario Doo EA adviser is another grid expert with elements of martingale technology. In fact, this is a dangerous trading algorithm. It uses extra aggressive tactics and can kill your trading account. Another disadvantage of Mario Doo EA is the need for a lot of capital to start. According to the recommendations of the authors of the Expert Advisor, there should be at least $ 10,000 on the trading account. Thus, given that Mario Doo Expert Advisor uses dangerous money management methods, if you install an Expert Advisor in a trading platform, then you will risk a large amount of funds.
However, not everything is as scary as you think. To reduce the risks, you can use a cent trading account. Thus, you top up your account with$ 100, and in the platform it will look like 10,000 units of deposit. If you top up a deposit on a cent account in the amount of$ 1000, then you will be displayed as 100,000 units in the trading platform. Thus, you significantly reduce the risks and provide the necessary amount of free equity for Mario Doo EA. Of course, the percentage of profitability in monetary terms will be small. But, if you use Mario Doo EA as one of the many advisors in the portfolio, then it will be a good distribution of funds, a profitable investment and an excellent expert for daily trading.


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Mario Doo EA myfxbook

Mario Doo EA free download

You can see and analyze Mario Doo EA myfxbook monitoring for yourself to understand how profitable and cool this automatic trading algorithm works! Therefore, do not be afraid of our warnings and read Mario Doo EA review further to learn how to use this Forex software correctly!

As for the other trading risks, we can advise you the following… Withdraw money from the trading account where Mario Doo EA works every time he increases your capital by 100% or 200%. Thus, before he kills your account, you will have time to withdraw more than 1000% of the profit!
OK, we have sorted out the trading risks. Now let’s continue our Mario Doo EA review and consider the trading strategy of this automatic trading robot.
So, this Expert Advisor uses such classic indicators as stochastic oscillator, CCI, PPO and MA for market analysis. He finds a trend and makes deals in the direction of its continuation. If something went wrong and the price turned against the direction of trading, then Mario Doo EA starts adding new trading positions using grid and martingale technology. A few miracles of mathematics and the Expert Advisor quickly comes out of trading drawdowns. It quickly recovers from losses and quickly earns you a percentage of profit.

Mario Doo Expert Advisor works on the currency pairs EURUSD, EURCAD, CADCHF, EURGBP, AUDUSD, USDJPY, and uses the M15 timeframe for market analysis.

How to install Mario Doo EA

As for installing Mario Doo EA, it’s fast and easy. Just find the Mario Doo EA download link at the bottom of this page, after downloading, unpack the archive and copy its contents to the root directory of your MT4 platform, which is located on the “C” disk of your computer.
After you restart the terminal, the Mario Doo EA Expert Advisor will be available for use. Drag the robot to the EURUSD quote chart or another currency pair from the list above with the M15 timeframe, and turn on the automatic trading button. Voila – everything is ready for use and will start making deals immediately after the conditions for new deals appear on the market!

Mario Doo EA

SmartFX ultimate EA free download

If you are looking for the possibility of SmartFX ultimate EA free download, then you are on the right page! Get this Forex robot for free-install it on the platform and start earning stable income every day! Read SmartFX ultimate EA review and learn how to use this expert Advisor for profitable trading!

SmartFX ultimate EA

SmartFX ultimate EA review

  • For platform MT4
  • Assets for trading: EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY
  • TimeFrame H1
  • Time for trading: around the clock
  • Strategy: scalping + Grid Leverage – 1:500 and higher
    Recommended brokers: any Forex broker (for example – ICMarkets)
  • Minimum deposit to start: $5000

We live in the era of high technologies. Such technologies are of course introduced into the field of stock trading. Forex brokers did not stay away. You can install the MetaTrader platform on your home computer, choose the trading software and start making profits automatically. It’s simple! The only question is to choose the right trading expert who is able to earn money and does it relatively safely.
So, today we present to you the SmartFX ultimate EA free download version of an expert who copes with his task very well. SmartFX ultimate Expert Advisor brings users about 100% monthly.
Yes, this Expert Advisor uses a grid. That is, trading with SmartFX ultimate EA is quite a dangerous business. However, follow the security rules and SmartFX will be safe for your capital! Now, in more detail, how it works.

Monitoring of the SmartFX ultimate EA MyFxbook

SmartFX ultimate EA review


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So, SmartFX ultimate EA uses a grid. This can be seen even in SmartFX ultimate EA MyFxbook monitoring. The maximum drawdown of this expert Advisor is 76%. This is very much and dangerous. At the same time, SmartFX ultimate EA gave the trader more than 1800% for 1 year. And it’s very cool and impressive. Thus, this Forex software can be considered aggressive, dangerous, but very profitable. You can use it for automatic trading, but you should do it as carefully as possible. At a minimum, you need to withdraw profit every time this Expert Advisor has increased the money in your account by 100%.
In this case, if SmartFX ultimate EA ever kills your trading account, then you will have time to withdraw more than 1500% by this time! Agree – these are quite suitable conditions for using an expert advisor?!

SmartFX ultimate EA strategy

The smartfx ultimate scalper strategy is quite simple. Using a set of technical indicators, SmartFX analyzes the quotation chart and finds the moments of price pullback against the main trend. That is, he is waiting for the best moment to start trading and uses these moments as efficiently as possible. According to SmartFX ultimate EA MyFxbook monitoring, this Expert Advisor trades with a profit factor of 3.54. Accordingly, it makes a profit of 3.54 times more than a loss. This Expert Advisor trades around the clock with a fairly large trading activity.

Be your best trader with

Raw Spreads From 0.0 pips


Pip Spreads




Micro Lot Trading


Tradable Instruments


See what SmartFX ultimate EA does on a trading account. More than 100% profit monthly!! This is really worthy of your attention!
However, SmartFX ultimate EA is dangerous. We will remind you about this again. The minimum amount of capital to start trading is recommended to be $ 5000 or a cent equivalent. Thus, from the first day you risk a fairly large amount of capital. If you put SmartFX ultimate EA on a cent account, then you will practically not see the effect of the growth of your trading account. Because increasing$ 50 by 100% within 1 month is not such a great success…

SmartFX ultimate EA

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