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How to install and configure RhinoLogic EA

Installing RhinoLogic EA in the trading platform

After purchasing RhinoLogic EA, we send it to your email. You need to download it to your computer. After that, copy the trading robot file to the root directory of your MetaTrader4 platform. This can be done like this:

You need to open the “Data folder” folder through the MetaTrader platform menu

Open MQL4 folder

Copy the RhinoLogic EA file to the “Experts” folder

Immediately after that, restart your MetaTrader platform so that the product file is initialized inside the platform and becomes available for use.

Currency pairs for trading

Open currency pair windows:


Set the M15 timeframe for each open quote window:

Click the “Automatic trading” button to activate the algorithmic trading mode in your platform:

Installing EA 4X4 RhinoLogic on the quotes chart

Open the “Navigator” menu and select the “Experts” tab. You will see the RhinoLogic Expert Advisor, which you need to drag onto each open window of the AUDCAD NZDCAD AUDNZD currency pair quotes chart:

After you move the adviser to the quotes window, its manual settings window will open. You need to do only one action – choose the trading risk mode with which he will trade. Several modes are available for selection:

  • High risk,
  • Medium risk,
  • Weighted risk,
  • Low risk.

Low risk is the value for risk free trading. You can not worry in this mode, the trading robot will not destroy your trading account. However, its profitability will not be very high. it will not heavily burden your trading account and its trade drawdown will be minimal.

Medium risk is also a safe trading mode. The amount of profit will also be higher, however, the amount of trading risks increases slightly. The size of the trading drawdown will be slightly higher, however, almost nothing threatens your money in your account.

Weighted risk is the risk to increase your capital quickly. However, the size of the maximum drawdown will also be significantly high. With this option, you can quickly increase the amount of money in your account. However, there is also the risk of losing capital. If you use an average risk, we advise you to withdraw profit from the account after each doubling of the deposit size.

High risk is the risk for a super-fast increase in your capital. The size of the maximum drawdown in this case will be very high. With this option, you can quickly increase the amount of money in your account. However, there is also the risk of losing capital. If you use a high amount of risk, we advise you to withdraw profit from the account after each doubling of the deposit amount.

In simple terms, if you want to use 4X4 RhinoLogic EA in investment mode, then simply set your trading risk to “Low Risk” or “Weighted Risk”. In this case, the trading robot will make trades with low risk and slowly but very carefully increase your account. If you need the fastest possible growth of your trading deposit, use the “Medium” or “High” risk. This will be risky trading, but your account size will grow rapidly. We remind you that in this case you need to withdraw the first profit after doubling the deposit. So you save your start-up capital from loss.

Requirements for your trading account

  • Minimum deposit: 1000 for one currency pair, 1500 for two currency pairs, 2000 for three currency pairs.
  • Trading account type: any
  • Leverage size: 1:200 and above

The best broker for trading

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Silver moon EA free download

Look for trading robots that make a profit on real accounts. Silver moon EA is just such an Expert Advisor, the results of which are confirmed by monitoring from a real account. We will analyze its work in order to understand how profitable and safe it is. So let’s start!

Silver Moon EA

Review Expert advisor Silver moon MyFxbook monitoring

So, we have found two monitoring of the Silver moon Forex robot. One is on the MQL5 website, and the second is on MyFxbook. This is good news, because both of these monitoring are carried out on real accounts! This means that any user will be able to repeat this profitability on their LIVE account.

EA Silver moon MQL5 monitoring

Silver moon EA free download

EA Silver moon MyFxbook monitoring

EA Silver Moon Review

It is much more efficient to analyze the dynamics of trading robots on the site of the MyFxbook monitoring service. Therefore, we will consider the dynamics of Silver moon EA on this service. Even despite the fact that work is tracked here for a shorter period. In any case, at the moment we can analyze in detail how Silver moon EA free download works.
So, we see that MyFxbook has been monitoring since May 2022 until today (October 2022). During this time, the Silver moon expert advisor brought 79% profit with a maximum drawdown of 49%. This is a big drawdown, and it means that the work of this Expert Advisor is potentially dangerous. However, the adviser trades and makes a profit. So, taking risks, you can also get profit. In any case, trading any Expert Advisor is a potential danger.
In the tab for the number of trading assets, we see that Silver moon EA free download is multi-currency and works simultaneously on 3 currency pairs: GBPAUD, USDCHF, GBPJPY:

EA Silver Moon myfxbook

These are very different currency pairs, the dynamics of the quotes movement of which is very different. It is not clear why the author of the Expert Advisor made such a choice. However, this suggests that the Expert Advisor is not picky about the choice of a currency pair and will be able to work on other currency assets as well.
The expert’s trading time is around the clock, while there is no clearly defined trading dynamics during the European or American or Asian session. In any given session, EA Silver Moon makes almost the same number of trades. It’s also good.

Silver moon MyFxbook

The average time of holding trading positions in the market is about 2 hours. At the same time, we see the following profit-loss ratio: Average Win: 11.08 pips / Average Loss: -19.05 pips. If you do not understand, then these are indicators of a scalping strategy. And of course, the grid and the martingale were also included. The Silver Moon expert advisor uses several orders in trading at once and increases the trading lot in order to more effectively exit the drawdown.

How to use Silver moon EA free download correctly

So, in order for you to be able to receive the same profit as on the monitoring above, you must clearly fulfill the following conditions:

  • Minimum deposit: $1000 for 1 currency pair
  • Leverage: 1:500
  • Account type for trading: ECN, RAW and other ultra-narrow spread accounts.
  • Recommended Broker: Considering the requirements listed above, we recommend choosing ICMarkets. If you are a citizen of one of the EU countries, then choose ICMarkets Global when registering. Only in this way you will get a leverage of 1:500:

  • Currency pairs for trading: GBPAUD, USDCHF, GBPJPY (as on monitoring by the author), but you can try on other assets.

In any case, start using Silver moon EA free download on a demo account. Because trading is always dangerous and you need to make sure that this version of the hacked Expert Advisor works as well as the licensed one. And of course, you need to make sure that it suits you and you like how EA Silver Moon trades.

The best broker for trading


Our opinion on Silver moon expert advisor

We believe that Silver moon EA is one of the most dangerous trading robots because it uses martingale and grid. However, such money management systems are used very often and very effectively (despite the danger). So, it is necessary to try, but very carefully! At a minimum, we advise you to withdraw profit from the account every time the adviser doubles the size of the deposit.
And of course, don’t forget the golden rule – you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. Distribute capital among different expert advisors. In this case, the collapse of one Expert Advisor will not bring you big losses. For the Silver moon expert advisor, we recommend using no more than 10% of your capital.

Silver Moon EA free download

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Cyrus EA For FREE Download

You can be skeptical about Asian scalpers, but Cyrus EA For FREE Download shows, how effective trading just a few hours a day can be. You can download this robot in our RoboBase (the form for getting the link is at the bottom of the page). Let’s do an EA Cyrus review so that everyone understands the benefits and disadvantages of this Night Scalper.

Cyrus EA For FREE Download

Asian Scalper Cyrus EA MyFxbook review

So, we see the profitability chart of a trading robot that works during the Asian session and trades 2-3 hours a day:

Cyrus EA

Yes, we can see that this trading bot is now coming out of a drawdown. However, before this drawdown, there was a very rapid growth zone, thanks to which Night Scalper Cyrus managed to bring a profit of 379% within several months (from May to October 2022). The trading drawdown is about 30%. And this is quite an acceptable drawdown for such a rapid growth of capital.

This trading bot was able to increase the initial deposit from $500 to $2395 in a few months. At its peak, it reached 529%. However, due to the high volatility in the market during the Asian session (due to the turbulence in the financial market at the end of 2022), we lost some capital. It happens. Now we see that the Cyrus EA trading robot is recovering from the drawdown and has started to raise its profitability chart again. And you can see the trading statistics on a monthly basis. Nothing supernatural happened. It’s just that an expert advisor in September received a loss of only -2%. Looks pretty good:

The average time of holding transactions in the market is 1-2 hours. This is not high frequency trading. This is a classic scalping during the Asian session, when the quotes of most assets in the financial market are in a horizontal flat. This state of the market is observed only 2-3 hours. 2 hours before rollover and 1-2 hours after rollover. It is at this time that the Asian Scalper Cyrus EA works.

There are 11 assets in the trading portfolio of this robot. Most of them are majors and cross courses. You can see the list of these assets in the picture below:

And the best news is that this Expert Advisor does not use dangerous strategies (grid and martingale), it always uses Stop Loss and this is a guarantee that you will not be able to lose all your capital at once!

How to Use Cyrus EA For FREE Download Properly

Most importantly, you need an account with an ultra-narrow spread. For example RAW ICMarkets.

  • Leverage can be any – from 1:30 and above. Of course, the higher the leverage, the more profit you can make. We recommend using 1:500.
  • Timeframe for trading: M5
  • Time to trade: start of the Asian session
  • Of course, you will need a VPS to install the platform and provide it with 24/7 Internet access (keep your home computer on all the time is a bad option).
  • The minimum deposit to start is $100 or more.
  • We advise you to start testing this bot on an account with a minimum deposit, because the monitoring is carried out on a demo account, and we are not sure that this Night Scalper is also capable of trading on a real account.

The best broker for trading


Our opinion on Asian Scalper Cyrus EA

Let’s not argue, this Expert Advisor cannot perform the only way to make a profit in the Forex market. However, it may well become part of your trading portfolio. Entrust him with 10-20% of your capital and let him earn you a stable profit every month. About 20% you will have monthly growth and this is a great diversification of your portfolio!

Of course, you need to have a trading account with a narrow spread, such as ECN. Because scalping on a classic account is impossible. ICMarkets broker will provide you with a narrow spread. Also in this brokerage you can use a large leverage of 1:500. And that’s all you need to use Cyrus EA For FREE Download. Do not forget that for the first week or two you need to test the trading robot on a demo. Next – go to a real account with a small capital, and then put this Night Scalper on an account with a large amount of funds. We wish you good luck!

Cyrus EA For FREE Download

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Algo Plus EA FREE Download

Today we will make a review of an adviser that has already shown excellent profitability on a real account (more than 1200% profit) – this is Algo Plus EA. You can download this robot for free in our catalog (at the bottom of this page there is a form for obtaining a link to the super catalog, where a large number of professional free trading robots are waiting for you).

Algorithmic trading

Review EA Algo Plus MyFxbook

As we said earlier, Algo Plus EA really knows how to make money. On MyFxbook monitoring, you can see a beautiful graph of profitability, which rushed up:

Algo Plus EA FREE Download

+1214% growth is really cool. And the most important thing is trading on a real account. In simple words, if you download Algo Plus EA FREE Download, you can easily repeat these successes. However, let’s not rush and take a closer look at this robot. For this we have monitoring EA Algo Plus MyFxbook.

So, the maximum drawdown of this Algorithmic trading Expert Advisor is only 10%. This is a really cool indicator, because the robot gives a big profit with a small trading drawdown. You don’t see that often.

The EA trades simultaneously on 8 currency pairs. Below in the screenshot you will see a list of these currency assets. Algorithmic trading robot made a profit on almost all of the listed trading instruments. Multicurrency is another big benefit!

Algo Plus EA

Trading hours – around the clock. The EA makes the most trades during the European and Asian sessions. During the Asian session, he shows the least activity.

EA Algo Plus myfxbook

The profit factor of Algo Plus EA FREE Download is more than 2. This means that its profitability is 2 times greater than the unprofitability. Also a very cool indicator of efficiency. However, the bad news is that this Algorithmic trading robot uses a high frequency scalping strategy with very small targets. See for yourself: Average Win: 6.58 pips / Average Loss: -1.83 pips. Of course, the size of the profit is several times greater than the size of the loss, but the sizes of these average TP and SL are very small. The EA will only work with brokers that offer ultra-narrow spreads and the fastest order execution (eg ICMarkets).

The average time to hold a deal in the market is from 8 to 20 seconds!!!! This is a very, very short time. Thus, the effectiveness of this robot is not built on a trading strategy, but on the technical tricks of making a profit on the volatility of currency pairs with a small spread.

EA Algo Plus review

The best broker for trading


Algo Plus EA trading strategy

So, Algorithmic trading “Algo Plus” uses high-frequency scalping, the purpose of which is to cut off a few points of profit on small jumps in volatility. Trades are made in the direction of the trend. However, the effectiveness of this Expert Advisor is only due to the fact that Algo Plus EA FREE Download can very quickly fix profit from scalping on the daily volatility of low-spread assets.

We can say for sure that this Expert Advisor will not work for all brokers. He needs a scalping broker. And a scalping account with a spread of 0.0 pips.

It is quite possible that when you put it on your platform, it will show a completely different profitability, which is several times worse.

On the other hand, you get Algo Plus EA FREE Download and a good opportunity to test the effectiveness of this Algorithmic trading robot yourself. We remind you – you need to start testing advisors on a demo account!

How to Use Algo Plus EA FREE Download Properly

  • Recommended account type with ultra narrow spread
  • Recommended Broker ICMarkets
  • Recommended leverage – any
  • Recommended currency pairs for trading: AUDJPY, EURCHF, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY.
  • Timeframe for installation – M1
  • You will need a high-speed VPS (remote desktop) server, which is located near the broker’s server. That is, the fastest execution of orders. Recall – the average time to hold a deal in the market for Algo Plus EA is only 8-20 seconds. This is a very whimsical algorithm in terms of spread and execution speed.
  • Minimum account to start – any

Our opinion on Algo Plus EA

Let’s be honest – this Expert Advisor needs to be tested on a Demo account, and if everything goes well, you can switch to a real account. It will only work with some brokers. Brokers like Oanda or XTB will not be able to provide you with the right conditions. You need a high speed trading server and a very tight spread broker. Only then can you make a profit. Try on a demo and try on a real account with a small deposit. The exp uses Stop Loss orders. He will not be able to quickly kill your deposit. If it does not work as well as on its official monitoring, you will be able to see it within 1-2 days and stop trading immediately. We wish you good luck!

Algo Plus EA FREE Download

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X2Capital Bot – how to setup

How to set up X2Capital Bot

So, the X2Capital trading robot trades on the breakdown of consolidation zones on the quote charts of various assets. This trading bot works most effectively on currency pairs. Although, if you have optimization skills, then it can be configured to work on the cryptocurrency market, stock indices or futures for energy or commodity assets. On this page we will describe in detail how to install and use X2Capital. We promise – the setup process will be easy!

Recommended settings:

  • Leverage: any from 1:1 to 1:1000
  • Minimum deposit: from $100
  • Account Type Required:
  • Narrow Spread Account (We always recommend opening accounts with a trusted ICMarkets broker, although any other broker that provides a narrow spread and commission account will work for you)
  • Timeframe for installation: H1
  • Trading assets: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY.

Installing X2Capital in the Metatrader trading platform

So, after the purchase, you received a file of the X2Capital Bot trading robot in your email. Download it to your computer and copy it to the “Experts” folder in the root directory of your MT4 platform.

Open the root directory of the Metatrader4 platform:

Opening the MQL4 folder:

Copy the X2Capital Bot trading robot file to the “Experts” folder:

Then restart your trading platform. Thus, the expert advisor is initialized within the platform and becomes available for use (including appearing in the internal menu of the MT4 platform).

Re-Start your platform

Installing X2Capital Bot on charts of quotations of trading assets

Open recommended trading assets: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY:

Set the H1 timeframe for each quote window you open:

Enable the “Automatic trading” button:

Drag and drop the X2Capital Bot Expert Advisor to each open window of quotes and after opening the manual settings window, click on the “OK” button:

Immediately after moving X2Capital to the quotes chart, it will start its automatic trading, namely: it will analyze the price movement chart and place pending orders on the consolidation zones. These are pending orders. They will become market as soon as the quotes touch the level of such an order. This will activate the order and make it a market order. After closing such an order, you will receive a profit or loss. In most cases, this will be profit. 

This trading bot uses Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. And does not trade more than 1 trade at a time.

Attention – to test this trading bot in the MT4 strategy tester, you need to download a special history of tick data. Such tick data is provided by some brokers (eg Alpari or SwissQuotes and some others). The usual tick history of the MT4 terminal is not suitable for testing. For example, the tick history of voting for only 1 asset from the broker Alpari takes more than 5 GB.

Setting up risk management

Attention – by default, the X2Capital Bot Expert Advisor will use automatic money management with a minimum risk value, namely 1% risk per trade. You can turn off the automatic risk calculation and set the trade to a fixed trade, or increase the size of the automatic money management. The amount of risk must be set depending on the amount of leverage you use. To change the parameters of money management, you need to follow the following algorithm:

To change the size of automatic money management:

Open the manual settings of the EA and set the desired risk percentage from 1 to 10 for the “Percent” variable.

To disable automatic money management and set a fixed lot:

Open the manual settings of the EA and set the “Percent” variable to 0.0. At the same time, for the “Lots” variable, set the desired lot value, for example “0.01” or “0.02” …

Do not forget that the X2Capital Bot adviser works around the clock. Accordingly, in order to provide it with round-the-clock access to the financial market, you need to either keep your trading platform (and the computer on which it is installed) constantly turned on. Or rent a remote desktop (VPS), where you can install the MetaTrader trading platform with the X2Capital robot and provide them with the ability to work around the clock.

The best broker for trading