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PUMPING STATION is a proven forex indicator that works like a manual trading system. Several effective algorithms are built into this popular forex indicator at once: trend detection, price channel detection, arrow signal system, and much more. However, the most important thing is that accurate forex indicator can independently analyze the effectiveness of its settings. Thus, a trader who uses this best FX indicator can know in advance how effective their trading will be in the future!

Of course-the signals of this indicator are never redrawn! You can be confident in this indicator and in your excellent trading results!

PUMPING STATION is a multi-currency popular forex indicator. You can trade multiple instruments simultaneously – this significantly improves profitability and diversifies your trades! Now, more details about how the PUMPING STATION system works.

How the proven Forex indicator PUMPING STATION works?

Trend control

The trend indicator inside the PUMPING STATION analyzes the market and reveals which way the trend of the financial market is moving. Trend is our friend!


When it is time to trade, the popular forex indicator shows an arrow signal directly on the quotes chart. This way, you will know in time when to make a deal and in which direction!

Clear trading goals

This accurate forex indicator independently determines the best time to close trades and gives a signal about it. You will find out when you need to close a trade to get the best result!

Wide diversification

This best FX indicator can be used simultaneously on several assets, so you can perfectly diversify your trading risks and of course-it will help you earn even more!

Trading on rollbacks

The price channel indicator, built on the basis of Bollinger, detects the moment when the quotes made the maximum pullback and gives a signal about a new beginning of the trend after the correction.

Efficiency analysis

This new forex indicator shows how effective its configuration is. If the indicator shows unsatisfactory statistics, the trader can change the parameters of the PUMPING STATION for maximum performance!

How to use


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Profitable algorithm

This best FX indicator shows excellent results on a real account! Do you dream of earning money? Take it and use it!

Arrows and Push

PUMPING STATION is equipped with PUSH and email notifications, the arrows on the chart show which way to trade – it is convenient and effective!

Safety and diversification

This new forex indicator works so that your Deposit is always safe, and thanks to diversification – you can always be with a plus!

Multi-currency indicator

This proven forex indicator works on any asset – currencies, indices, stocks, and so on – your trading opportunities will be unlimited!


2 products in 1 package!!


This is an indicator that analyzes the market, creates a trading strategy for you and gives signals when new trading conditions arise. You make deals manually.


Semi-automatic robot which accompanies all your trades and closes them automatically in accordance with the rules of the PUMPING trading system – with maximum profit and accuracy.

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  • ** For 1 trading account
  • PUMPING STATION indicator for MT4
  • PUMPING UTILITY for automatic signals execution
  • Presets for automatic configuration
  • Detailed manual
  • Technical support

* For unlimited trading accounts – allows to use the product an unlimited time on an unlimited number of trading platforms, computers and trading accounts. After the purchase, the user specify the trading account name – we write this name inside the indicator code. Thus, the robot will work only on the account name that is write inside its code.

** For 1 trading account – allows to use the product on one specific trading account (with a specific number) for an unlimited time. After the purchase, the user specify the trading account number – we write this number inside the indicator code. Thus, the robot will work only on the account number that is write inside its code.

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