I am a beginner Forex trading – what should I do?!

Literally 90% of novice traders lose their money in the first few months of trading on the Forex market. Read some of our tips and find out what you need to do to make beginner forex trading as profitable as possible for you and you will not lose your money.

Beginner Forex trading - where should I start?!

So, the main mistakes of novice traders are related to the fact that they do not know how to properly analyze the market and do not follow the rules of money management. Starting from this, we will describe what ways to solve them can be.

Since Forex trading can be divided into two main areas (manual trading and automatic trading), we will describe your intended algorithm of actions forex trading for beginners for each direction separately.

Automatic systems - beginner Forex trading

So, the easiest way is to entrust your trading capital to a trusted robot that will automatically trade and earn money for you.
In this case, you almost do not need to do anything yourself. Just set up the Forex robot for automatic trading on the platform, turn on the Auto-trade button and enjoy the process of making a profit.

Step by step, your algorithm of actions should look like this:

  • Register on the website of any brokerage company to trade on the Forex market. We recommend that you register an industry leader, namely ICMarkets.
  • Find a reliable robot for automated trading. For example, in our online store.
  • Install the trading robot on the platform. If you do not know how to do it yourself, order this service in our support for free.


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

So, after three simple steps, you can start making a profit on the Forex market. So, beginner forex trading can do nothing, but get a lot!

Let’s not be unfounded, let’s give an example. Here is a chart of the profitability of the SCALPING STATION trading robot. This Expert Advisor is located at this link.

A little video about how the SCALPING STATION Expert Advisor works.

As we wrote above, on the pages of our online store you can find a lot of profitable trading robots that will bring you profit regardless of whether you are a Forex beginner or a professional trader!!

So, how to start earning regardless of the fact that Forex trading for beginners is very dangerous, you know. Now consider the question – how to trade manually and make a profit.

Manual systems - beginner Forex trading

Despite the fact that automatic trading is comfortable and profitable, still about 50% of traders trade manually. Accordingly, half of the Forex beginners start their career as a trader with manual trading. As we said above, if you do not know how to analyze the market correctly and do not follow the rules of money management, then most likely you will lose your trading capital.

How to start earning and not lose money if you are a beginner Forex trading? Read below!

So, if you are Forex Dummies, then we have created for you an effective algorithm with artificial intelligence, which (sorry for such words) at the first stage will think for you.

This complex for manual trading is called OCTOPUS TRADING SYSTEM. With it, you can actually make a profit. For example, while testing this technical indicator, we were able to get this profit:

The advantages of this indicator are that it:

  • Uses artificial intelligence and independently analyzes the Forex market
  • Creates a trading strategy for you
    gives signals when to trade and what trades to make
  • sends PUSH notifications to your phone and email.
  • It gives a profitability of about 35-50% per month. That for beginner Forex trading is very, very much and in general almost without risk!!

Here is a presentation on how beginner Forex trading OCTOPUS TRADING SYSTEM work:

So, if you are looking for a great solution to make your Forex for Dummies profitable and efficient, then the OCTOPUS TRADING SYSTEM indicator will be a uniquely cool solution for you. You can find this indicator at this link.

It’s simple. If you still do not understand how to start making money on the Forex market, then read this page again!! We invite you to our online store, where you can make the right choice and start making a profit today. And no matter that you are a beginner Forex trading!!

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