Review Top Secret MT4 EA Myfxbook

Review Top Secret MT4 EA Myfxbook

Waiting for another scam exposure? Get Top Secret MT4 EA review where you will read all about why this MQL5 trading robot is not capable of making you a millionaire and why you will waste your time and money. Just don’t say that you believe in miracles, because there are no miracles in the financial market! So let’s start our Top Secret MT5/MT4 Review.

Top Secret MT4 - profitability in strategy tester

The first and most important thing you should understand when buying an Expert Advisor on the MQL5 market is that the profitability of a trading robot cannot be extremely high. Believe me, automated trading is not able to bring you a million within a month! There are no holy grails and Top Secret MT4/MT5 is no exception! So, let’s look at the strategy tester and see that this software has virtually earned over $5 million in just 5 months of trading:

Do you believe in such a miracle? If yes, then you are a naive child! However, let’s move on and see what this Forex Expert Advisor can bring on a real account.

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EA Top Secret MT5/MT5 real profitability on a real account

So, the author of this EA has monitoring on the MQL5 website, where the Top Secret EA made only a few trades. At the same time, these few trading operations brought 31% profit. The EA has been monitoring for less than 1 month and any profitability can be considered random. Unfortunately, this monitoring is not enough to make any opinions.
We see that the trading bot only works on XAUUSD (one of the most popular assets among novice users) and that it works around the clock. Trading activity is very low and if you trade using Top Secret MT4/MT5 EA you will receive no more than 3-5 trades per week.

ea top secret mql4

What is an expert advisor Top Secret?

Presenting a cutting-edge Forex Expert Advisor (EA) known as the Top Secret Forex Expert Advisor, which incorporates Explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) for MetaTrader. This AI-powered trading system offers clear explanations for its decisions and behavior. The primary objective of this EA is to enhance traders’ understanding of the trading signals and strategies generated by the system, ultimately fostering greater trust and confidence in its outputs.

The Explainable AI Forex EA for MetaTrader employs various methods to provide explanations for its decision-making process. Equipped with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and neural networks, the Top Secret Expert Advisor can analyze and interpret vast amounts of financial market data. Through these advanced techniques, it can identify trends, patterns, and signals that contribute to informed trading decisions.


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The TS Expert Advisor relies on a collection of mathematical formulas and strategies to execute trading decisions. These formulas encompass calculations related to market volatility, trend strength, and the likelihood of successful trades. To achieve optimal effectiveness, the Top Secret Forex Advisor undergoes an extensive optimization and training process. Historical market data is utilized to train and evaluate the advisor’s performance. Notably, the expert utilizes data preprocessing methods, such as standardization, normalization, and outlier removal, to enhance the quality of the training process and mitigate overfitting.
Risk management and continuous monitoring of trading operations are integral components of this expert advisor. By implementing capital management strategies, I strive to control risks and maintain stability in trading.
Introducing the TOP SECRET Forex advisor, an exceptional tool that combines artificial intelligence, neural networks, and innovative trading methods to achieve success in Forex trading. With the expertise of a seasoned team and the integration of advanced technologies, I offer my clients the potential for consistent profitability. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that Forex trading always entails risks, and past performance should not be regarded as an indication of future results. I strongly advise conducting thorough research, seeking guidance from financial experts, and making well-informed decisions based on your individual goals and circumstances. I take great pride in the development of this advisor and have confidence in its ability to assist my clients in reaching their financial objectives.

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Our opinion on TOP SECRET Forex advisor

So, the phenomenally high profitability in the strategy tester and the absence of real trading statistics indicate that this Expert Advisor currently cannot meet the criteria for selection and making a buying decision. A beautiful picture from the strategy tester cannot guarantee the future profitability of the EA. Thus, we advise you not to buy this Forex bot. Top Secret MT4/MT5 EA is one of the thousands of offers on the MQL5 market that looks tempting but is not backed by facts.

Dow Jones Predictor MT5 New SCAM on MQL5

Dow Jones Predictor MT5 – new SCAM on MQL5

Dow Jones Predictor MT5 is a highly skilled trading software built on a continuously running algorithm that has demonstrated positive and consistent results since 1998. It is specifically designed for the spot CFD trading of the Dow Jones Industrial Average US Stock Market Index (US30). This algorithm incorporates various indicators such as Price Cyclicality, Relative Cyclicality, Adaptive Cyclicality, Compound Cyclicality, Volume Cyclicality, Price Prediction Line, Price Cyclicality Line, Smoothed Heikin Ashi, Relative Smoothed Heikin Ashi, Relative Momentum, Order Blocks, and Price Action Line.


Information from the developer Dow Jones Predictor MT5

The expert advisor Dow Jones Predictor comprises a collection of 30 original trading strategies, which are implemented sequentially based on prevailing market conditions. It operates through two execution lines: the primary line triggered by price action and a secondary line that adds positions at more favorable prices. The default settings have been optimized for optimal performance. Each trade is safeguarded by a specific stop-loss mechanism.
Users have the flexibility to define the level of risk allocation and implement capital exposure protection, particularly when utilizing multiple experts within the same capital account. Detailed explanations of the included algorithms can be found here. The development of the Dow Jones Predictor algorithm began in April 1998 on an open-source server environment. In 2010, it was adapted for Dow Jones Predictor MT4, and in 2022, it was successfully converted for Dow Jones Predictor MT5, yielding improved results. Notably, there were no significant discrepancies between backtest results and actual trading outcomes in real money accounts.

ea dow-jones-predictor-mt5

EA Dow Jones Predictor MT5 - Strategy Tester Results

As for the strategy tester, we see excellent results. Everything is as usual – you put an expert advisor on your platform, turn on the strategy tester and run the test. The plot from 2010 to 2023, this adviser is simple and very excellent. And you begin to believe that the EA Dow Jones Predictor MT5 trading robot can really trade profitably…

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But pay attention – as a rule, the results in the strategy tester and the results on a real trading account are completely different trading results. And do not think that EA Dow Jones is not concerned. Of course, if you see excellent tests in the strategy tester, then you imagine that all this can be traded on your account and bring the same profit…. and you immediately go to buy this Expert Advisor. However, first of all, everything should happen differently. When you see that the Expert Advisor is making a profit, you should go to the developer account and see the real trading monitoring of this Expert Advisor.

Dow Jones Predictor EA - real results on a trading account

So, let’s go to the EA Dow Jones Predictor developer account and see that there is no monitoring of this Expert Advisor.
Unclear. If EA Dow Jones works so well and gives such a big profit, then why is it not used on a real account?!? And all because the Dow Jones Predictor MT5 in reality does not give such a profit, as the author claims and as the strategy tester shows. Everything is simple!


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Our opinion on MT5/MT4 Dow Jones Predictor EA

So, our vast experience suggests that if an expert advisor is sold on MQL5 and the author of this advisor does not monitor real trading, then this Forex trading bot is a “dummy”, or maybe a SCAM.
Everything is logical! If it is profitable, then the author of the trading bot will first of all put it on his real account and will earn on his own. If this does not happen and the developer does not trade personally, then there is a huge suspicion, which in 99% of cases is justified.

Note that the Dow Jones Predictor MT5 price is $5000 (at the time of writing this review). This is a huge amount of money that the author of the Expert Advisor suggests you spend on a product whose profitability is not confirmed by anything. The test scores are a theory and most likely have nothing to do with the actual results. Walk by and don’t even think about buying it! Dow Jones Predictor MT5 most likely SCAM!

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Bonnitta Gold MT5 Expert Advisor

Bonnitta Gold MT5 Review

Many traders want to trade gold. If you are one of them, then the Bonnitta Gold MT5 expert advisor has been created for you, which is currently in the first line of the MQL5 community rating and shows high growth percentages on monitoring. However, we will review Bonnitta Gold EA so that you do not make a mistake with the choice and do not waste your money in vain. Indeed, today the cost of this Forex bot is $2500. That’s a lot, don’t you agree? So let’s get started!

EA Bonnitta Gold MT5 - profitability in the strategy tester

We have often seen trading robots that give huge percentages of profits in the MT4/MT5 tester and a modest percentage of (comparatively) profits on a real account. Bonnitta Gold for MetaTtrader 5 is exactly the case.
So, in the strategy tester, this EA shows very, very good deposit growth. According to the published test statistics, this Forex software is able to bring the user about 2000% profit in just 1 year. That is, increase the initial investment amount by 20 times. You start trading with a deposit of $200 and at the end of the year you get $4,000. However, in reality, everything is completely different.

In accordance with the real monitoring of the trading account, Bonnitta Gold EA gives about 300% per year (this is also very worthy, but does not correspond to the declared profitability parameters and suggests that the developer is trying to deceive its customers).

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Bonnitta Gold EA MT5 - real account profitability

According to Bonnitta Gold MT5 MyFxbook and MQL5 monitoring, the average monthly profitability of this bot is about 20-25%. This is a good result. The maximum trading drawdown in this case is 28%. On the one hand, this is a lot, but on the other hand, when you read the features of the Bonnitta Gold EA trading strategy (they are described below), you will understand why the trade drawdown is so large. However, let’s return to the analysis of the profitability chart of this Forex bot.

Bonnitta Gold EA MT5

According to monitoring on a real account, EA Bonnitta Gold trades exclusively on the Gold asset (XAUUSD). This is a popular asset, especially among novice traders, who for some reason believe that if you trade on gold, then profitability will be higher (which is not true).
The average time to hold a deal in the market is about 19 hours. The profit factor is higher than “3”. And as we noted above, if you use this Expert Advisor for a year, you will get about 300% profit. Everything looks very tempting. But, let’s move on to the Bonnitta Gold MT5 trading strategy and try to correctly evaluate the effectiveness of this Forex Expert Advisor.


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Bonnitta Gold Forex EA Trading Strategy

Gold (XAUUSD), which is traded by Bonnitta Gold MT4/MT5 Forex software, is a trending asset and the trading strategy is to trade in the direction of the trend. At the same time, if the quotes of this asset go in the wrong direction, then the adviser applies the tactics of cost averaging, that is, it uses a grid of orders. Stop Loss is not used.

Monitoring on a real account has been going on for about 6 months and we cannot correctly analyze the work of EA Bonnitta Gold. We can see that from time to time a trading drawdown occurs on the account equity on the profitability chart of the Expert Advisor (you can see the characteristic “sagging” of the line, which displays the value of the amount of free margin on the account. As we noted above, this line “sagged” by 28% to the maximum. This is not too much, but not too little.The EA uses a grid of orders and if the market moves against open trades for a longer time, then the account will have a much larger trade drawdown and you can lose all your money.After all, the EA does not use Stop Loss.

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Our Opinion on Forex Software Bonnitta Gold

We won’t say that EA Bonnitta Gold is trash or a scam. No, this Expert Advisor trades quite adequately and brings high profits. The test results do not correspond to the results of real trading, but real trading still makes a profit. This is about 300% per year and this is a high good result. But there are several reasons not to buy this trading robot:
-It does not use Stop Loss to protect the trader’s capital
-It uses a grid of orders for averaging, which potentially increases the trade drawdown.
Together, these factors represent a very, very big danger. We can say with confidence that if you buy Bonnitta Gold MT5, sooner or later you will lose your trading account.

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The Investment Innovator EA review

Market MQL5 contains many disappointments. Showcase with the best experts contains SCAM products that are bought by thousands of users. Today we will give you another portion of the truth. Meet The Investment Innovator EA, which currently ranks second in the TOP MQL5 Experts. You will learn the whole bitter truth, and you will understand that you definitely do not need this trading robot.

The Investment Innovator EA - tester statistics MetaTrader

As usual in such cases, you open the description of the Expert Advisor and see a description in which the developer vividly convinces you that an Expert Advisor can bring you many thousands of percent of profit. This is the picture we see in the description of The Investment Innovator EA MT5 and MT4.

The test results in the MetaTrader platform show us a smooth growth schedule and a profitability of at least 50% per month. According to tests published on The Investment Innovator bot sale page, between 2016 and 2023 it brought in over $70,000,000.

The author publishes a beautiful gif animation that demonstrates the growth of The Investment Innovator MyFxbook deposit.

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According to the developer, nvestment Innovator MT4 can work on several strategies, which are called “Stage 1”, “Stage 2”, etc. There are 5 such strategies in total. Each strategy brings more profit than the previous one. The most profitable strategy is “Stage 5”, which gives crazy profitability in the MetaTrader strategy tester. 

Of course, when you see such beautiful growth charts, you immediately want to buy this Forex trading robot. However, don’t rush. Let’s compare the tests of Investment Innovator MT5 and its real trading statistics.

EA Investment Innovator - real trading

So, on the MQL5 website, we see several Innovator EA monitorings at once, which is good. But their profitability does not match the results stated in the tests (on the EA presentation page). That is, the tests and real trading of this Expert Advisor do not correspond to each other at all.

As for trading, we immediately see three very negative factors that speak against the reliability of the Investment Innovator EA MT4/MT5 advisor, namely:

The Investment Innovator expert advisor
The Investment Innovator bot
The Investment Innovator EA myfxbook


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  • This trading bot uses averaging, that is, it trades using many orders, which averages the price to make a profit
  • In parallel, Martingale is used, with which it helps to average the price in order to make a profit
  • The Investment Innovator Expert Advisor does not use Stop Loss.

Together, these three factors mean that the Innovator Bot will kill your trading account very quickly! We don’t think you want this. Therefore, never buy this Expert Advisor.

Trading strategy

As we said above, this is a regular martingale grid that works on the trending XAUUSD (Gold) currency pair. There are many traders who believe that using Gold as an asset for trading can bring some additional benefits. Such traders should understand that when concluding transactions on XAUUSD Investment Innovator does not physically buy gold, but only makes a speculative operation on the value of this asset. What’s the difference in this case, you trade on gold or on a classic currency pair!?

However, back to The Investment Innovator EA review. We did not find MyFxbook monitoring of this expert. However, MQL5 monitoring is enough to understand that this is a real SCAM. Because:

  • Real results do not match the results in the tester.
  • The EA uses martingale and grid, only thanks to them it is able to get at least some profitable result.
  • Its value does not match its results. At the time of writing Review The Investment Innovator EA, the price of this EA has reached $1111. It’s unbelievable when a developer sells a bad product for a huge amount of money. And the most important thing is that users who trust the strategy tester more than real monitoring buy this Expert Advisor. Paradox, isn’t it?!

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Opinion on Investment Innovator Expert Advisor

If you want to waste your money and kill your trading account, then you simply must buy The Investment Innovator MT5 Expert Advisor!! Funny?))) But it’s true! We wrote above that this EA has more disadvantages than advantages. In fact, it has no benefits at all. This is trash that can be found for free on the Internet. This is one of the thousands of ways to lose your money while trading, for which you need to pay more than $1000 to get this opportunity.

So, don’t even look in the direction of The Investment Innovator MT4! This is a real evil that has nothing to do with trading, innovation and investment!

How to use Algo FX Stellar

Download and unpack the archive with the product

Once you have purchased AlgoFx Stellar, you will receive a confirmation email containing a download link for the software. Simply click on the link and download the software to your computer. Once the download is complete, extract the files from the archive. After that, we recommend reading our user manual carefully and following all of its recommendations to ensure a successful setup and optimal performance of the software.

Add the URL to the Web Request Section

It is crucial to complete this step to ensure proper setup of the software. Navigate to the “Tools” section and then select the “Options” menu item.

Next – open the Expert Advisors tab and Enable “Allow WebRequest for listed URL:”

and add in a special fild below:

Install Algo Fx Stellar in the MT4 platform

To access the root directory of your MT4 platform, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Open your MT4 trading platform.
2. Click on the “File” menu located on the top-left corner of the platform.
3. From the drop-down menu, select “Open Data Folder.”
4. A new window will open, showing you the root directory of your MT4 platform.

From here, you can easily access all the necessary folders and files for installing  the AlgoFx Stellar expert advisor.

Navigate to the “MQL4” folder inside the root directory of your MT4 platform, and locate the “Experts” folder within it.

algo fx stellar installing

Copy the Algo Fx Stellar file to the “Experts” folder:

Restart your MT4 platform

This is necessary for any changes you make to take effect.

Open the AUDUSD quotes chart

Algo FX Stellar was designed to trade on three currency pairs – AUDCAD, NZDCAD, and AUDNZD. However, it is not necessary to open all three pairs on your trading platform. Simply open the AUDUSD pair and install AlgoFx Stellar on that specific quote window. The advisor will be installed on only one window but will trade on all recommended pairs simultaneously. To do this, click on the “Market Watch” button and locate AUDUSD in the list of assets available for trading.

In case AUDUSD is not visible in the list of tradable assets on your platform, you can easily display it by right-clicking on the asset list and selecting the “Show all” option. This will expand the list to include all available assets, including AUDUSD, which you can then select for trading.

algo fx stellar expert advisor

Set the timeframe M15 for the AUDUSD quotes chart:

Activate the “Auto Trading” button

waka waka expert advisor

Open the “Navigator” folder, find the Algo FX Stellar file in the “Experts” branch and drag it onto the AUDUSD M15 quotes chart:

algo fx stellar ea buy now

Adjusting the trading risk is an essential step. Simply double-click on the “Lot Sizing Method” variable and select the preferred risk size that aligns with your trading style. It’s important to keep in mind that higher risk may result in higher profitability with this Expert Advisor.

If pairs have any prefix or suffix please modify them in the Symbols parameter. For example, if pairs has AUDCAD+ then modify the Symbol parameter as:  AUDNZD+,AUDCAD+,NZDCAD+

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