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Algo Plus EA FREE Download

Today we will make a review of an adviser that has already shown excellent profitability on a real account (more than 1200% profit) – this is Algo Plus EA. You can download this robot for free in our catalog (at the bottom of this page there is a form for obtaining a link to the super catalog, where a large number of professional free trading robots are waiting for you).

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Review EA Algo Plus MyFxbook

As we said earlier, Algo Plus EA really knows how to make money. On MyFxbook monitoring, you can see a beautiful graph of profitability, which rushed up:

Algo Plus EA FREE Download

+1214% growth is really cool. And the most important thing is trading on a real account. In simple words, if you download Algo Plus EA FREE Download, you can easily repeat these successes. However, let’s not rush and take a closer look at this robot. For this we have monitoring EA Algo Plus MyFxbook.

So, the maximum drawdown of this Algorithmic trading Expert Advisor is only 10%. This is a really cool indicator, because the robot gives a big profit with a small trading drawdown. You don’t see that often.

The EA trades simultaneously on 8 currency pairs. Below in the screenshot you will see a list of these currency assets. Algorithmic trading robot made a profit on almost all of the listed trading instruments. Multicurrency is another big benefit!

Algo Plus EA

Trading hours – around the clock. The EA makes the most trades during the European and Asian sessions. During the Asian session, he shows the least activity.

EA Algo Plus myfxbook

The profit factor of Algo Plus EA FREE Download is more than 2. This means that its profitability is 2 times greater than the unprofitability. Also a very cool indicator of efficiency. However, the bad news is that this Algorithmic trading robot uses a high frequency scalping strategy with very small targets. See for yourself: Average Win: 6.58 pips / Average Loss: -1.83 pips. Of course, the size of the profit is several times greater than the size of the loss, but the sizes of these average TP and SL are very small. The EA will only work with brokers that offer ultra-narrow spreads and the fastest order execution (eg ICMarkets).

The average time to hold a deal in the market is from 8 to 20 seconds!!!! This is a very, very short time. Thus, the effectiveness of this robot is not built on a trading strategy, but on the technical tricks of making a profit on the volatility of currency pairs with a small spread.

EA Algo Plus review

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Algo Plus EA trading strategy

So, Algorithmic trading “Algo Plus” uses high-frequency scalping, the purpose of which is to cut off a few points of profit on small jumps in volatility. Trades are made in the direction of the trend. However, the effectiveness of this Expert Advisor is only due to the fact that Algo Plus EA FREE Download can very quickly fix profit from scalping on the daily volatility of low-spread assets.

We can say for sure that this Expert Advisor will not work for all brokers. He needs a scalping broker. And a scalping account with a spread of 0.0 pips.

It is quite possible that when you put it on your platform, it will show a completely different profitability, which is several times worse.

On the other hand, you get Algo Plus EA FREE Download and a good opportunity to test the effectiveness of this Algorithmic trading robot yourself. We remind you – you need to start testing advisors on a demo account!

How to Use Algo Plus EA FREE Download Properly

  • Recommended account type with ultra narrow spread
  • Recommended Broker ICMarkets
  • Recommended leverage – any
  • Recommended currency pairs for trading: AUDJPY, EURCHF, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY.
  • Timeframe for installation – M1
  • You will need a high-speed VPS (remote desktop) server, which is located near the broker’s server. That is, the fastest execution of orders. Recall – the average time to hold a deal in the market for Algo Plus EA is only 8-20 seconds. This is a very whimsical algorithm in terms of spread and execution speed.
  • Minimum account to start – any

Our opinion on Algo Plus EA

Let’s be honest – this Expert Advisor needs to be tested on a Demo account, and if everything goes well, you can switch to a real account. It will only work with some brokers. Brokers like Oanda or XTB will not be able to provide you with the right conditions. You need a high speed trading server and a very tight spread broker. Only then can you make a profit. Try on a demo and try on a real account with a small deposit. The exp uses Stop Loss orders. He will not be able to quickly kill your deposit. If it does not work as well as on its official monitoring, you will be able to see it within 1-2 days and stop trading immediately. We wish you good luck!

Algo Plus EA FREE Download

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